Antoine LAMBERT married a Mikmaq woman (1)



Jeanne RADEGONDE LAMBERT was born around 1621 at Seigneury of Aulnay, Village of Martaize,"near Loudun", Department of Vienne, France, Europe. She died in 1686, in Beaubassin, L'Acadie, Nova Scotia. She married in 1642 in Port Royal Jean BLANCHARD born about 1611 in Martaize, France, son of Guillaume BLANCHARD & Huguette POIRIER.
There is information on various web sites that indicate that Radegonde was of Mi'kMaq origin. There is no genealogical proof of this. She was not an Indian.
Excerpt from the Acadian 1671 Census: "Jehan BLANCHARD, 60, wife, Radegonde LAMBERT 42; Children (married): Martin 24, Madeline 28, Anne 26; (unmarried): Guillaume 21, Bernard 18, Marie 15; cattle 12, sheep 9." (1)(2)(3)



Madeleine BLANCHARD was born around 1643. She married Michel RICHARD dit SANSOUCY circa 1656 in Port-Royal. She died between 1678 and 1684 in Port-Royal. (1)(4)(5)



Catherine RICHARD born around 1663 in Port Royal & died in Acadia. She married François BROUSSARD, who was born 1654 & died 1716, before 31 Dec 1691 in Acadie . (1)(6)(7)



Marie BROUSSARD, born about 1686, married before 24 Dec 1703 in Acadie René DOUCET, who was born 1678. Parents of René were Pierre DOUCET & Henriette PELLETRET, who were married before 31 Dec 1661, unknown location. **(8)(9)(1)



Jean DOUCET, born 20 and baptized 21 August 1725. He married Marie Anne BOURG on 6 November 1622. Jean died in 1756 before the Dispersion of the Acadians. His widow, espoused to Joseph HÉBERT of Grand Pré, was in Connecticut in 1762. Anne was the daughter of Joseph BOURG & Louise ROBICHAUD, who were married on 6 November 1722. The officiating priest was Charlemange CUVIER. Joseph's parents were Abraham BOURG & Marie BRUN. Louise's parents were Alexandre ROBICHAUX & Anne MÉLANSON.(1)(13)(14)(18)
   Children were:

1. Anne DOUCET was born 1750. She married Charles DUPUIS before 9 April 1769. in the English Colonies (United States). She died on 16 and was buried on 17 August 1790 in L'Acadie, Québec.
2. Joseph DOUCET was born 1752.
3. Jean Baptiste DOUCET was born 1755.

Notes: Acadians in Guilford, Connecticut by Albert N. Lafreniere



Anne DOUCET, was born 1750. She died on 16 and was buried on 17 August 1790 in L'Acadie, Québec. She married Charles DUPUIS before 9 April 1769 in the English Colonies (United States) Charles was born about 1746 in Rivière-aux-Canards, and died on 6 and was buried on 7 April 1798 in L'Acadie, Québec. His parents were Antoine DUPUY & Marie DUGAS.(1)(13)(18)(19)



Marie Anne DUPUIS DUPUY married Jacques SENEZAC SCENESAC LATRANQUILITE on 21 September 1789 in L'Acadie. Jacques was the son of Jacquess SENEZAQUE LATRANQUILITÉ & Marie Joseph BROUILLET LAVIOLETTE. Marie Anne died on 21 and was buried on 22 November 1802 in L'Acadie. (1)(15)(16)



Joseph SENESAC married Marguerite LABRECQUE on 8 January 1816 in L'Acadie, St-Jean, Québec. Marguerite was born 1796 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, the daughter of Joseph LEBREQUE & Marie BOUDREAU, who were married on 21 January 1788 in St-Luc, Acadie. Marie BOUDREAU, born in 1759, was the daughter of Charles BOUDREAU & Magdeleine CLOUATRE who married in 1756 in Grand Pré, Acadia. (1)(2)



Mathilde SÉNÉSAC married Eustache/Eusée GRANGER on 17 Sept 1844 in St. Georges, Canada. Eustache/Eusée GRANGER was the son of Jean Baptiste GRANGER & Marie Osithe CLOUATRE who were married on 16 Sept 1816 in L'Acadie, Comté de St-Jean. Jean-Baptiste was the son of Jean-Baptiste GRANGER & Marie-Angélique GRÉGOIRE. (1)(10)(11)(12)



Rosalie GRANGER married Joseph MÉNARD on 31 Aug 1881, in Stanbridge, Missisquoi County, Québec, Canada. Joseph MÉNARD was the son of Pierre MÉNARD & Marie Rosalie Sara LUSSIER. (1)(10)



Oliver MAYNARD/MÉNARD was born in 17 Mar 1897 in Burlington, VT. He died in 27 Jun 1933 in Burlington, VT. He married Gladys Gertrude BRYANT 7 May 1925 in Burlington, VT. Gladys was born 8 Jun 1908 and died 11 Mar 1999 in New London, CT. She was the daughter of Clifton Jackson BRYANT & Florence Gertrude WELLS Clifton was born 2 Jun 1879 in St. Albans, VT and died Mar 1950 in Plainville CT. (1)



Clifton Oliver MAYNARD was born 17 Aug 1925 in Burlington, VT. He died 20 Jan 1995 in New London CT. He married Mary Julia MORELL on 28 Jan 1956 in Norwich, CT. (1)



Lynn Ann MÉNARD was born 9 Nov 1956. She married David Fraser MATHIESON on 1 Aug 1998. (1)

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